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My life at NCTU: Travelling in Taiwan

I have always loved to travel and spend quality time with family and friends. The holidays, like Spring break, Chinese New Year and even long weekends, in NCTU have allowed me to have some fun with my friends here in Taiwan and explore some of the most amazing places in Taiwan. So, I this second part of my experience at NCTU as a student, I will share some of my experience outside the NCTU campus while hanging out with the amazing friends from NCTU.
Kaohsiung was the first city I visited as a tourist after joining NCTU. Since it was an impromptu one day tour, we were able to visit only a few places like Liuhe night market to have some seafood, a sushi restaurant and the famous Lotus pond. It was my first experience at a night market and I was just amazed at the variety of seafood and snacks that were available. It was also my first time trying sushi! The sunset at the Lotus pond was a just an extraordinary experience.

After the end of Chinese New Year, I decided to visit Jiufen in th…

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